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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Field and wash-box

In the words of the song; it was hot, hot, hot again. Dad gave up on any thoughts of riding and put us out to graze before 9 'o clock once the field had been vacated.
Although the sun was blazing there was an intermittent breeze and so it felt less oppressive than yesterday, although the horse flies were out in droves.
Cricket came in at about noon and Dibby and I at 1.30 or so. We enjoyed being hosed down for several minutes before a fresh application of Auntie Gemma's patent spray.
We enjoyed an early tea and having a rest out of the sun for the remainder of the afternoon.
We have a lesson with Fran on Sunday morning and Dad hopes we can make up for our recent lack of practice before then.
Fortunately, cobs try to be co-operative, even if not ridden every day.


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