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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We went out to graze in our lightweight rugs at about 9.30.

By noon after they had finished our stables Both Dads thought it was warm enough for Dibby and I to enjoy the sunshine, so they came into the field and removed our rugs for the afternoon. We had a good mutual groom immediately to celebrate.

We came in after four. Other Dad took Dibby for a quiet hack down the lane. This was a treat since Dibby hadn't been out for over a month. As ever, he behaved impeccably and had a nice outing.

Dad took me in the school. We had it to ourselves and worked around the perimeter and on a huge thirty metre circle for most of the time. We worked on softening, flexing and leg yield in walk on both reins and then in trot. We added lots of transitions from halt through walk and up in to trot and tried to avoid sharp turns and any loss of rhythm. We added some rein back. Generally Dad was trying to work from inside leg into outside rein and to maintain a gentler contact on inside rein. He tried to sustain a more regular rhythm in all the gaits and was pleased with the session.

Dibby joined us on his return for a quiet walk around the arena together before we went in for grooming and tea. Cobs prefer company most of the time.


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