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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Knowing what's done

After a morning grazing, Dad brought Dibby, Cricket and me in just before two for a visit from Dean, the dentist.

I was only included to avoid being left alone in the field and didn't need any attention this time. So, I stood outside my stable with a haynet whilst Dibby was treated. Dean had a special light on his head and long-handled tools and a mirror. He concentrated on removing debris from between Dibby's teeth and from his perio pockets and generally tidying up. Although the condition is still chronic, he was pleased with the effect of daily syringing by Other Dad and that the deterioration was not more marked. Dibby and I will next be treated in about June.

Dibby and I then went out for the remainder of the afternoon in the chilly sunshine as Dad stood by for Cricket's treatment and sorted our stables and teas. Dibby and Cricket were quiet and still - unlike one rather excitable mare that followed. Cobs know it's just not done to rear on their dentists.


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