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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Waiting for Dibby

The day began as it usually does just now with Dad applying a new iodine compress, bandaging and taping and then fashioning and taping-on a covering boot. I was fed up with it all after six days and didn't co-operate by holding my foot up. When I did deign to lift it, I grew bored and put it down again firmly and quickly: like Brucie used to say, "good game." This put Dad's back into spasm and didn't help his mood much. Dad had hoped that the abscesses would look drier and less angry by now and was disappointed by the lack of marked improvement. When I had been rugged-up, I walked out slowly, but didn't seem unsound. We skirted the mud to try to keep my hoof clean and I waited for Dibby to join me after his teeth had been washed out as usual. It had been so cold overnight that the big dental syringe Other Dad uses for this purpose had frozen up and had to be thawed out with hot water.
I had worked out that the noise made by the plastic encasing my bandaged hoof frightens Dibby and so I stood still in the field until he walked over to me for our morning mutual groom which we enjoyed in the sunshine - despite our rugs. We stayed out until four and came in for grooming and tea. Dad was pleased that my hoof wear had stayed in place without getting too muddy.
Richard, the farrier is due tomorrow morning and we hope he will think my abscesses are cured and put my shoe back on. Cobs do optimism too.


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