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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Spooky, rainy Wednesday

It was our day off today. Other Dad put Dibbs and me out to graze quite early. We only shared the field with Cricket, since Leo had to see the vet to have a wolf tooth extracted and start the treatment to remove a sarcoid.

It seemed to rain for most of the time, which didn't bother us in our rugs. We just faced away from the wind and rain and continued eating.

Dad and Other Dad brought us in about 4.15. It was drizzling and a little windy. As I was coming out of the field I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye and took off a little. Actually, I span Dad around like a windmill - but didn't tread on him. Well, whatever it was in the grass or wind or the farrier working nearby, it frightened me.

Anyway, we got inside safely and I calmed down and ate my haylage whilst Dad picked out my feet, removed my wet rug and groomed me. Some people said they hadn't seen me like that before...blah, blah. Dad told me "Well they should get out more." We were both relieved when they turned their attention to something else.

It's funny being a cob sometimes. Everyone seems to expect you to perform like a well-behaved robot - unlike thoroughbred mares who get to do what they like when they like - whatever the consequences. Cobs have sensitivities too, you know.


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