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Monday, May 01, 2006

My May Day off

After yesterday's exertions, both Dads thought we should have the day off, so Other Dad came and put Dibbs and me out to graze by about 8.30. It had been raining overnight and May Day morning was grey and overcast, so we were in our lightweight rugs.

We had a pleasant, lazy day and, to be honest, our heads didn't often leave the ground. Dad came and attended to the stables and left without bothering us. We came in at 4.15, by which time I was waiting by the gate in readiness.

We had a good groom and a chat and Dad paid special atention to our hooves, which are now green and painted with Tecsin. Tea was served early. Now that our rations have been reduced a little, our evening haylage is in haynets again. It takes a little longer to eat, but ends up in the same place. I imagine we will be doing some work again tomorrow, but it was nice to have May Day off; even cobs need a little me-time.


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