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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Back to schooling

Back to normal routine after yesterday's little holiday. Other Dad made sure we were OK at about 8.30 as usual and we stood in with our hay nets until 11.00 when Dad came down and tacked us up.

I was put back in my pinchless snaffle bridle and dressage saddle and taken into the school. It made a change from my pelham or the double bridle. It meant I could stick my nose out and be uncooperative when I felt like it. We did a lot of walk on both reins at first as Dad tried to get me to soften. We moved forward quite well and Dad was reasonably pleased. We tried some lengthy trots around the whole school and, when Dibbs came in, did some canter on the opposite sides of a large circle.

We ran through the Solihull walk and trot test a few times and Dad was a little disapppointed with my roundness, although the walk on a long rein and halts were much improved.

Dad said he might switch my pinchless snaffle or even drop-cheek snaffle from the elevator bridle over to a harder conventonal bridle for schooling tomorrow to see if a little more poll pressure might assist my roundness.

Dibbs practised Prelim 16 and went well, so Other Dad was pleased with him. They rang for our times on Thursday morning. I am on at about 10.25 and am indoors which is more civilised that bouncy rubber surface next to the scary fence and the wild wood.

We went in and, because it was cold and showery for May, Dad put us out in our rugs. Dad got on with out stables, but popped out occasionally to see all was OK. He saw Dibbs with his head down as usual enjoying the Spring grass. Leo and I were flirting with Breeze over the fence and generally rearing and playing about. Fortunately it didn't get out of hand.

We came in at about 4.00 and were groomed, rugged up and put in our stables. It was a full day with schooling and socalizing in the afternoon. I hope Dad understood, cobs need a social life too.


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