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Sunday, April 30, 2006

A marvellous party

Quite an early start today. I should have known when they gave us a bath yesterday; it usually means something is pending.

Dad and Other Dad arrived at 8.30 or so and started up the lorry. We were then groomed and dressed up in our travelling boots, tail guards and blue travelling rugs. Dibbs was loaded first and then me. We didn't get a haynet on the way there.

When we arrived we recognised it as Solihull, where we have been before. When the ramp came down I could see lots of horse boxes, trailers, cars and other horses.

When we were unloaded and undressed, we were groomed and tacked up. I wore my double bridle. Dad and Other Dad changed into the black jackets, best breeches, boots and hats - and wore gloves. Dad put studs in for Dibbs, but said I didn't need it since we shouldn't be cantering. We then walked over the road from the lorry park onto the main field and warmed up for forty minutes or so.

One nice thing happened on arrival. Andy, who bred Dibby gave him a very warm welcome. She also said I looked like a show cob. Dad said Andy is very knowledgeable and that this was a compliment indeed

Our CRC walk and trot test was first and was in arena 1 at the edge of the field next to the hedge. This time there was no strange lady under a tree waving her binoculars at me - so I didn't spook. We entered well and did a straight centre line. Dad was pleased that I softened and was round in trot for most of the test the first time. The test was much more measured and calm than previous ones and I even managed a square halt - as shown in today's photograph.

After my test we warmed down after we had a go at canter in the big warm up area for the first time. I didn't get excited when we did this and Dad was pleased.

Dibbs Prelim 7 test went well. His head was on the vertical in trot and the walk on a long rein seemed particularly good.

After both tests, we were rugged and booted up again and put on the lorry with our haylage whilst the Dads collected our sheets. Dibbs did very well and came 4th in an open competition - and won a very nice green rosette. I came 7th and just missed out, but could tell Dad and Other Dad were pleased with me too. We both had lots of mints and an apple as reward.

We were home by 1.40 or so. Since it was overcast we were put out in our lightweight rugs and grazed for the afternoon until 5.00 - by which time our stables were ready.

I was quite tired when we came in and was glad to get into my stable for tea and my haylage. It has been a very good day - travelling on the lorry, seeing all the other horses and competing. We cobs do like a good party.


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