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Saturday, April 29, 2006

First bath of Spring

Dad and Other Dad must have been thinking that Dibbs and I have been out to graze too long this week. Today, they kept us in the stable with a middling haylage net for most of the morning.

Dad came to the yard by about 11.00 and tacked me up in my double bridle and dressage saddle. He took me in the school and we practised walk, trot and canter with special emphasis on roundness - as Teacher Steve directed - and ran through the walk and trot test we are supposed to do tomorrow at Solihull.

Other Dad soon brought Dibby in and practised his Prelim test. This went well and fortunately Dibbs stayed sound. We hope he will be OK tomorrow

When we went in and were untacked, we were given our first baths this year and had our tails shampooed. This was very pleasant - except that I don't like water on my face and Dad has to do that part with a sponge.

We then went out for the afternoon until 5.15 - the latest so far this year. When we came in, Dad removed the cotton wool from our stud holes and put in fresh in case we need studs tomorrow. He is worried that since our shoes are refits, the studs won't screw in properly. Dibbs and I aren't too worried and say "Que sera, sera". Cobs are surprisingly fatalistic, you know.


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