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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bryter layter

A much brighter start to the day. Other Dad topped up our haylage early and Dad came to ride at 10.00 or so. Dad took me out of my stable, groomed me and put on my pelham. I thought it was a good idea then to snag it on the door and pull back. This was an effective way to destroy the cheek piece of an expensive bridle, so Dad wasn't very pleased. He was however relieved that I did it when he was standing next to me and so I didn't get tangled up or frighten myself too much.

After that little diversion, he put on my elevator bridle with the dropped cheek snaffle instead and we eventually went out into the school. We practiced a lot of walk and halt transitions with lots of flexions to the inside to increase roundness. We also did shoulder-in and some leg yield and worked in trot and canter on both reins.

We also practiced Prelim 1 in front of Other Dad and Dad was reasonably pleased. We managed the correct canter lead both ways and reletively sustained canters. Dad also sat on Dibby in walk and trot whilst Other Dad and I watched. To finish off, we cantered around with Dibby and had a little race, which was fun.

Dibby and I were then put out to graze in our fly fringes with some spray but no rugs, since it was quite warm and sunny.

Dad attended to the stables including Dibby's banks which took ages. We came in at 4.30 or so to be groomed again and given our tea. We will probably have a lesson tomorrow with Teacher Steve, weather permitting. I won't try too hard to compose myself in readiness; we cobs are known for composure. It's another cob thing.


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