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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What a grey May day

What a grey morning! At least the rain stopped for a few hours. Other Dad topped up our haylage and Dad came downto the yard by 10.00. By then we had a few minutes respite from the rain and Dad wanted to ride. Unfortunately, unusually for me, I had some stable stains and was quite messy , so Dad had to tidy me up. This only took a few minutes and we tacked up quickly in my pelham and dressage saddle and went into the school.

We did some good work in walk, trot and canter. Dad was particularly keen to practice some flexions with the inside hand to get me rounder - without necessarily having a real contact, but whilst holding the outside rein in place - and this worked quite well.

Other Dad joined us after half an hour or so on Dibby and we cantered around together when Dibbs had warmed up and then we went in.

By now it was clouding over, so Dibbs and I were put in our rugs to go out to graze. It rained on and off during the afternoon and we were brought in at 5.00. Dad hosed off our hooves and picked our feet out before applying tecsin - just like the winter. We ate our haynets whilst we were groomed and rugged up for the night. November in May, but fortunately we cobs are resilient. Dibbs and I blame it on Bush for not adhering to the Kyoto Protocols; cobs are sounder than Republicans on key environmental issues.


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