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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Damp and sultry

A muggy start to a Tuesday- again regardles of what the heading says - it's 13th June 2006. Dad rode me in my snaffle at about 10.45. We worked on roundness in walk, trot and some canter with lots of transitions, leg yield and shoulder in. We came in after an hour and I was hosed down and put out with Dibby. It rained on and off during the afternoon and was damp and sultry.

Dad brought us in after he had put down the beds at about 5.00. Dibby had rolled and was filthy so we were both hosed down again and groomed before being given tea. Dad had a few quiet moments with me when the usual bedlam had died down a little. He is rather depressed over the Prelim test yesterday, but I tried to cheer him up; cobs prefer to advocate a philosophical approach to adversity.


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