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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Even hotter

It seemed even hotter today - which, by the way, is Saturday 10th June and not 9th June as shown above. It just refuses to be corrected. Other Dad topped up our haylage and Both Dads came down to ride earlier than usual to try to avoid the worst of the heat. Dad rode me in the school in my double bridle. We ran through the tests for tomorrow reasonably well and came in after about 40 minutes. I was hosed down and put out to graze whilst Dad dealt with the beds.

He came back after the England game and brought us in. We stood outside the stables as he put our beds dwon. Then Both Dads washed our tails and Dad replaced our cotton wool in our stud holes. Dad had been bitten by a horse fly during our lesson yesterday and it was very swollen today. They gave us or teas and went tome at about 6.30. It looks like the dressage will take place in blazing heat tomorrow. Dibby and I don't feel too nervous; as long as we go together, I'm usually alright. I'm keen on security; it's a cob thing.


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