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Thursday, June 08, 2006


The heatwave continued. Dad took me in the school in my snaffle at about 10.00. It was already quite warm and so we did a lot of work in walk - concentrating on softening, straightness, leg yield and transitions. I know Dad was already worrying about how it would be to compete at Solihull on Sunday when it's forescast to be even hotter.

Other Dad joined us on Dibby and watched as we ran through the CRC Walk and Trot and then Prelim 1. It wasn't very round and the second canter was uncontrolled, but we ran through it.

We went in and I was hosed down. When she was clipping yesterday, Claire noticed I had a small round sore on my left heel just above the hoof. It looked like an old mud fever scab and was red and weeping a little. Then we tried purple spray, but it hadn't cleared up so today Dad applied some hibiscrub. He then put on some fly spray and my fringe and put me out to graze. Dibby joined me later after he had been hosed and cooled off.

We pottered in the sunshine whilst Dad got on with putting up the beds. He went home and returned at 4.00 to put the beds down and get us in. We were very warm. Being black Dad says I'm just like a storage radiator, absorbing heat. We both enjoyed standing in the cool by our stables eating our haylage. Cobs often opt for simple pleasures.


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