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Friday, June 09, 2006


Coo wot a scorcher! By the way, today is Friday 9th. June -which the software refuses to show for some reason.Other Dad put us out to graze at 8.15 or so and Dad started on our stables early. We had a lesson booked with Teacher Steve for 2.30 and Dad was wondering whether to opt for the easier option and do it in the double bridle or ride in my snaffle, in which we really needed the practice.

Dad attended to the stables and brought me in at 1.00. To be honest I was quite pleased to stand by my stable in the cool and eat a haynet. Dad put on my black exercise bandages and double bridle and took me outside for 2.25.

It was very warm and sunny but there was some breeeze, so it wasn't too bad. When Teacher Steve arrived, he said he didn't want to exert me too much in this weather and so we did a lot of work in walk and trot concentrating on roundness and no canter this time. We did some good work, especially in the earlier part of the session and then my mind began to wander and Dad had to win my concentration back. Overall though we were both pleased with the session.

Dad took me in and hosed me down. He let me stand with my head over Dibby's stable door for some very relaxing mutual grooming. After this quality time, he put me in the stable. After I had cooled - whilst Dad brushed and re-rolled my bandages - we had tea. I must admit I felt very smart with my clip, exercise bandages and Albion saddle; a smart cob is a happy cob.


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