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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

From Claire to here

Having survived 06.06.06 yesterday, this part of the world awoke to more sunshine and blue sky. Claire was supposed to be coming at 10.00 to clip Dibby and me and Other Dad came down early to top up our haylage.

Claire clipped me first. She was surprised by the extent of my summer coat and took it off, whilst Dad attended to my stable. Claire said I was playful like a puppy and that Dibbs was more tense and worried than usual. Dibb's coat was also quite thick and needed removing. Whilst Claire started on Dibby, Dad brushed and washed me down before putting on fly spray and my mask and putting me out to graze. When Dibby was clipped Dad gave him a bath - including his tail and brought him out to join me in the field. Both Dads then had some coffee and finished the stables, putting my bed down and leaving Dibb's to air, before going home for a couple of hours. Dad finished them off on his return.

Given all our activity over the past few days and the heat, we were given the day off today. We came in at 5.00 to be brushed again and given tea. It was rather like a grooming day at a spa; cobs enjoy a little pampering from time to time.


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