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Monday, June 12, 2006

Thundery Monday

Here's another snap of Dibby and me tacked up next to the lorry at the dressage yesterday. Again the software seems to be doing funny things - today is Monday 12th. June 2006. Anyway, after all that excitement we were hoping for a quieter day. We woke up to a muggy morning with torrential rain and thunder. Other Dad came down before 8.00 and topped up the haylage and both Dads were with us by 10.00 when the vet was due to see Dibby.

I was put out in the field with Leo and Cricket, but after the vet had examined Dibby they took him outside onto the concrete to walk and trot up and then do the same after flexions on each leg. I came up to the gate to say hello to Dibby and see what was going on.

They then lunged Dibby in the school on both reins and the vet confirmed he could see the discomfort which seemed to be due to spavins which could normally be treated successfully by injections in the hocks. An appointment was made for Dibby to go for X rays at 2.00 on Friday -so no lesson for me this week.

I waited at the gate until they brought Dibby out to graze and we spent the rest of the afternoon out. Dad attended to the stable and went home, returning at 4.00 to put the beds down and bring us in. I do worry about my friend Dibby and hope he feels better soon; he's my favourite cob.


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