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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Blue and green memories

The warm sunny weather continued into the weekend with a big blue sky and pleasant breeze. Other Dad put us out to graze early and we just pottered about the field for the day. The vivid greens and blues reminded Dad of some lines he had written about chestnut Patrick some years ago:

I loved that horse
Big ears swivelling
Back and forward
Often one pointing each way.
Dangly lower lip and elegant whiskers,
Mad for mints
Imperious and bullying:
A big copper shield
Shining in the sunshine
With four white socks on
Dainty giraffe legs.

A lively lad
Bored with schooling
Living and longing
To jump as high as the sky,
To gallop and fly
And snort and plunge
Just for the living of it,
To bound and buck
Just for the joy
Of breathing the breeze
And sailing
Through the blue and green.

Innocent in repose
Apt to shy at dragons in
Dock leaves and pose,
Like heroes do,
Distant and proud.
Good without thinking
Bad without malice
A joy and terror:
Patrick in the buttercups.
I often caught my breath.
I loved that horse.

Dad was very sad today because he had learned his friends' beautiful dog Julian had to be put down. Dad always said Julian reminded him of me; he had known great hardship but was a gentle soul. Everyone who knew Julian properly will miss him very much.

Dad dealt with our stables and went home to watch some of the football, returning about 4.00. We were brought in and groomed. Dad then tacked me up in my pelham - with an expensive new Sabre cheek piece from Horsesense - and my dressage saddle and took me in the school. We did half an hours work mainly in walk and trot with a little canter and the odd turn about the forehand for a change. Dad was pleased with my obedient attitude since I had been out all day and would normally have been having tea then.

Once inside, I was hosed down and dried and put in the stable. After I had cooled off, we were given tea and later wormed with Equest - but had lots of mints to take away the taste. Other Dad came down late in the evening to check we were OK. Even though we don't really like wormer, we know it goes with the territory and - unlike thoroughbred mares - cobs try not to complain.


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