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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dad the Steward

Today was the day of the Horse Watch coloured horse show at Solihull and Dad had agreed to be a steward. Other Dad came down at 9.00 whilst Dad was doing his duty stewarding for Henrietta Knight for several classes. He put us out to graze and then went on to the show.

Both Dads returned at about 1.30. By then Dibbs and I were troubled by flies and wanted some attention so we stood by the gate to come in. Both Dads brought us in to eat our haynets whilst they attended to our stables.

At intervals Dad told me about the show - how he had enjoyed meeting Miss Knight and Terry Biddlecombe, who had been very kind and about the other horses and the hard ground. It sounded too hard for Dibby's joints and my balance! Several other horses from the yard competed in various classes including Izzy, Patch, Perry, Bailey, Sassy and Harvey.

At that point a fierce thunderstorm with heavy rain started and the lights went off. We were glad to be inside and were put in our stables and given an early tea.

Other Dad came back later and skipped us out and topped up our haylage. I imagine we will be ridden tomorrow and hopefully will spend some time with Dad. Cobs are keen on quality time.


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