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Friday, September 15, 2006

A cob marches on his hooves

A more routine day after the excitement of yesterday. It was fine and warm. Dad schooled me in my snaffle in the morning. We worked for an hour or so with lots of walk and halt transitions, lateral work and some trot and canter. We practiced Prelim 18 and I managed the canter elements with the right lead, so Dad was quite pleased.

After grooming I went out in the field with Dibbs, who was given the day off after his efforts at the Championship. We stayed out until 5.00 when we came in for grooming and tea. Dad is already a little concerned about our feet at the first sign of damper weather and applied eucalyptus oil, having used Tecsin yesterday. He feels a cob marches on his hooves - and who am I to disagree?


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