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Thursday, September 28, 2006

On not having the Latin

It was a warm but overcast morning. We went in the school and, after warming up with work on a long rein and some lateral exercises, went through some tests, the Walk and Trot and Prelim 18. It rained for some of the time but we just carried on. By the time we had finished I was quite soft and round and Dad was pleased - particularly with my roundness in walk and trot and some of the canter. The transitions still need a lot of work.

Once inside I was sponged off and put out to graze for the afternoon. We came in at 5.00 for grooming and tea. It was Dad's birthday today and Dibby and I sent Dad a charming card - well, Other Dad bought it and wrote it for us, but the thought was there. Cobs are very thoughtful you know, but don't have the Latin.


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