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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Visit from Halina

We had a new visitor this morning called Halina. We were lucky that Sara had asked her to come since Halina is very busy. She had spent the last few days working with Andrew Hoy at Burghley: quite a change to David the cob - first the hoi, then the polloi.

Dad brought Halina in and she touched me all over to see what hurt. Halina worked on my head and neck and all along my back. She felt my muscles and particularly the tense and sore parts and worked on them. She unknotted some of the tied up part of my muscles and even worked on my tail. She showed Dad how I was skeletally level but significantly more developed on my left side rather than my right - particularly around the saddle area. She also flagged up the sensitive areas around by bottom and poll

Halina talked to Dad about my boxy feet - especially the right one and the best form of shoeing. She asked how Dad schooled me and warmed up and suggested some changes to get me going better. We will try loosening up on a long rein as we do now but add some early canter going large with Dad off my back to get me going forward. Halina stressed the benefit of lots of lateral work and turn about the forehand - as Liz does - so this should complement what we are doing.

She also showed Dad how to massage me when my saddle is removed . She thought I should have few days off and booked another appointment for 25th. September at 1.30.

Dad and Other Dad listened very intently to what Halina had to say and found it very clear and interesting. They could understand why her services are so sought after. Dad was pleased he had arranged the appointment and withdrawn me from the Walk and Trot at Solihull today. As it turned out the winner achieved 85% odd - compared to my normal score in the low fifties, so a rosette was not really an issue today!

We enjoyed the afternoon out in the field and came in at 4.30 for grooming and tea. I wonder how many cobs can say they were treated by the same person as helps the rider of the winners of this year's Badminton and Lexington - not to mention runner-up at Burghley?


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