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Friday, February 09, 2007

Enough already

After another cold night, the snow was still lying this morning. We were left in our stables until noon and then put out in our field whilst both Dads got on with our stables. Dibby tried to graze, but I didn't really think much of it and stood by the gate after fifteen minutes or so asking to be brought in.

Since it was still snowing quite heavily and we couldn't get at the grass, we were brought in after about half an hour and ate our haylage as our stables were prepared. There had been a leak in the roof and my bed was much wetter than usual. After clearing it, Dad put down extra straw to compensate. There was also a leak in Dibby's stable and after clearing it up , Dad had to put down a bucket on the back bank to catch the drips. He will alter the layout of the bed tomorrow, if necessary.

We were rugged up again and put back in our stables with some haylage. Dad left to return at 4.15 to skip us out, top up water and haylage and give us our tea. We're all getting bored with the snow now - cobs too.


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