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Sunday, May 06, 2007


The forecast rain didn't materialise and so we rode on Sunday morning. We stuck to the same routine as last time with long rein, walk, leg-yield and walk-halt transitions. Going up into trot we worked on a twenty metre circle and large and cantered both ways. Dad tried to use more leg, less hands and sit straight with hands at bit width.

I worked on the bit for much of the time and Dad was pleased with the session.

I was put out to graze to await Dibby's return from the hack and we stayed out until 4.00. Dibby had scratched his nose a little and, once it had been bather and treated with ointment, went out without his muzzle.

I was quiet when we came in and just watched Dad prepare our stables and enjoyed the odd minty before tea. Cobs believe in relaxation.


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