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Friday, May 04, 2007


A much greyer and cooler day. We were put out to graze -without rugs - at 11.00 and brought in at 4.30.

Dad took me in the school for half an hour after 5.00. He wanted a shorter session than usual but to fit in specific elements.

So, we warmed up on a long rein and then medium walk on both reins. We added some lateral exercises including leg yielding into and out of a circle to promote softness and roundness. Dad continued his efforts to use his legs to steer and to keep hands in position bit-width apart - and not to pull on my mouth. We did some sitting trot and a little medium trying for extension along the long-side. We then moved up to working canter on both reins and finished off on a long rein. We found the session refreshing and Dad was satisfied.

We came in to grooming, minties and tea. Since it was cooler we were left in our lighter stable rugs overnight. Dad was pleased I had no objection to schooling at tea-time. It's what we do ; cobs can be very professional.


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