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Saturday, May 15, 2010


As Dad feared would happen, overnight I kicked myself and cut my sheath again. On arriving at the yard, he bathed the wound and applied some Sudacrem. Fortunately the bleeding had stopped and Dad was able to speak to the vets and arrange to go and collect some antibiotics for when the infection and swelling set in. I can use some of Dibby's stock of Danilon as an anti-inflammatory.

Fran then came for my lesson and Other Dad kindly went to the vets to collect the drugs - hence no pictures of today. They decided to continue with the lesson provided I wasn't uncomfortable and we worked in walk and trot on softening and roundness, leg yielding in and out of circles and lots of transitions. We didn't try to canter today.

I was tense and worried to begin but did not appear to be in discomfort so we carried on and ended up with some good work on a longish rein round and going forward in trot.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in the field. Dad has asked to consult the vet on a visit to the yard on Monday to decide what to do next. He is quite worried. Owning a cob - or being owned by a cob - is often wearing.


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