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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cool, clipped Dave

Another showery April day. For yet another morning we weren't put out to graze first thing - which usually means something is happening.

Other Dad topped up our haynets once and Dad gave us a little more when he arrived at ten-ish and started mucking out.

Clipping Clare then arrived with Sally the dog. My coat was apparently longer than usual for this time of year and, instead of a quick trim on my mane and legs, I had a full clip.

Unlike a lot of other horses, my evasion when Claire wants to clip a tickly part like my head and ears is to lower it rather than hold it up in the air. Other than this I wasn't naughty and when I was finished Dad brushed the loose hairs off and then sponged me all over. He then put me out in the field with Cricket and Leo until Dibbs was done.

Dibby needed a full clip too so Dad is broke this week with lessons imminent.

For the rest of the afternoon it rained on and off and my schooling, scheduled for the early evening, was postponed; so all in all I had an easy day. When we were brought in later Dad took a photograph showing my clip: as the rapper said..Cool Dave...he's clipped, smooth, sharp and cobby..he 'aint no Mr Blobby....Cool Dave.


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