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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The back lady cometh

Today was fixed for our annual back check up. Maggie had looked at us last year and had given me a clear bill of health and found Dibby "all wrong" and treated him successfully. This time she was visiting seven or so horses including Tod, Edward, Harvey, Cricket and Bonny.

Dad came down at 10.00 in time to groom Dibby and me. Maggie saw Dibbs first. Dad walked and trotted him up and down and explained how he had been going recently, particularly that he had been tripping a little more than usual (and not in a good way) and had been a little "puttery" in the trot - with choppy steps on the forehand. He also turned him on a tight circle both ways in the stable. Maggie examined him and found that he needed more treatment in the middle of his back - perhaps as a consequence of the trip when Other Dad fell in the school a while ago.

Dibbs was very tense during the examination and treatment, but perfectly behaved. I on the other hand decided to seek a bit of attention by taking Dad's anorak off my stable door on a mint hunt and stamping on it. I just missed his mobile phone.

Maggie completed the treatment and also suggested that Other Dad arrange for the vet to see Dibbs to check what was causing his problem and said he shouldn't be ridden for the rest of the day.

Maggie then watched Dad walk and trot me up on the concrete. She could see no problems. Dad also turned me on tight circles in the stable. She also examined me and found I was in good order. She could see how I had levelled off behind as a result of all the schooling we had been doing and was pleased with me. We were than given some mints, rugged up and put out to graze whilst Dad attended to the stables and Other Dad sorted the haylage and water.

Both Dads came to get us in at 4.30. and decided to let us both have the whole day off and not to ride. They washed our hooves and applied eucalyptus oil, groomed us and gave us our tea. When Dad was standing outside the stable talking to Sharon, I put my head over the door for a chat. She said I was very cheeky; it seems more people are realising that amongst a myriad of other qualities, cobs do "cheeky". We are the cheeky cobs, we are the cheeky cobs.....


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