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Friday, May 26, 2006

Really a service industry

As a rather rainy week drew to a close, for once it wasn't pouring down when Other Dad put Dibbs and me out to graze at about 8.30. Dad started on the stables at about 11.00 and both Dads brought us in for 1.15.

The field is muddy now and our hooves had to be hosed. Dad put on my black exercise bandages whilst I ate my haylage and then groomed me. Both Dads sat next to us and had a coffee and I was then tacked up in my double bridle and dressage saddle. Teacher Steve came at 2.30 and we had the school to ourselves for the most part.

We did a lot of work in walk practicing flexions to the inside and the same in trot on both reins. We practiced on a twenty metre circle and then going large around the school. We changed rein inside and outside the circle and across the diagonal and then worked on upwards and downwards canter transitions on both reins, trying to achieve smoothness and consistency. Teacher Steve said it was the best I have gone and Dad was very pleased.

Next week we will probably try some of the elements of Prelim1 in preparation for Pinley on 4th June - if Dad decides we should go, that is.

We then went in and Dad hosed me down and put me in my blue cooler rug. He gave me an apple and some treats - and to Dibby too - and sat ouside my stable and brushed off and rolled my exercise bandages, whilst I cooled off. When I had recovered he gave Dibbs and me our tea and left us in peace. All in all that was a very satisfactory day. I was happy that Teacher Steve and Dad were pleased with my progress. We cobs aim to give satisfaction; being a cob really is a service industry.


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