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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sunday of rest

More mad mixed May weather on Sunday morning. Other Dad came down early to put us out to graze and Dad appeared at 9.30 to attend to the stables. Another jumping clinic had been arranged for the middle of the day, but after last time, Dibby and I didn't take part. During the morning it varied between warm sunshine to cloudy blusteriness, but we just carried on grazing.

Both Dads disappeared to see a friend over a sandwich lunch at home. We stood by the fence and watched some of the jumping clinic. Leo pulled off my fly fringe, which both Dads had to search the field for later.

Dad came down at 3.30 and put down our beds. We then came in to have our hooves hosed and be groomed. By now another jumping lesson was taking place in the school, so Dad gave up on riding and put us in our stables and gave us our tea. Later, when I was enjoying my haynet, Dad came in and sat on the straw in the stable. He said it was very comfortable and so Other Dad joined him and they just sat there talking to me. I enjoyed some company since I don't often have visitors in my stable; we cobs are very sociable - and I am, more than most.


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