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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

For the cob with everything: an anti-fly rug!

After our day off yesterday, Dad came down at 11.00 to ride. It was dry and sunny..hooray! I wore my double bridle and dressage saddle. The showjumping fences had been removed and we had the whole school to ourselves.

We worked on walk on both reins for a long time. Dad was trying to give the flexions to the inside very subtly and oocasionally to give one to the outside. He was pleased that my head stayed stiller and that my neck was round for longer and longer. We did some leg yield, shoulder-in and shoulder-fore and went up to trot and canter. We practised the upwards transitions and Dad tried to sit deeper into the saddle to improve the canter. We finished with a lot of walk on both reins on a very long rein going around the school with Dibbs. Dad was satisfied with the session. He was also pleased later when Simone said she had seen us schooling and praised the canter.

Inside, I was groomed and Dad tried on my new anti-fly rug which was grey, extremely light and smart. Dibby and I had a good afternoon out in the field - in my shiny new rug - and came in at 4.00. Dad had been dealing wih the stables since our schooing finished and hadn't bothered to go home. It had been a long day. We were groomed and given tea.

Dad had 'phoned the vet in the morning to confirm an appointment when he was due to see Young Bailey on Monday 12th. June. Dibbs had schooled today and looked his normal self, so we will keep our fingers crossed for the examination. Both Dads and I love Dibby; he's a very special cob.


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