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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Box-rest day one

The day after Dibby's visit to the vet began when Other Dad toppedup our haylage early. He was pleased to see Dibbs had kept his bandages on his hocks overnight. Dad came down at 10.00 and removed the bandages and skipped Dibby out. Rob the vet was visiting Richie who had conjunctivitis and laminitis and so he asked how Dibby was. He confirmed that he could be hand-grazed today and tomorrow, which is good.

Dad then took me in the school in my snaffle. It was very hot and I was troubled by horse flies, but Dad was pleased with my application. We worked mostly in walk on roundness and leg-yield and shoulder-in but did some trot and a little canter too. Louise was schooling Little Bailey, but it didn't bother us.

Once we were inside after about 40 minutes I was hosed down and put out in my fly fringe with Leo and Cricket. Dad dealt with the stables and went home for an hour or so.

I was brought in at 4.30. OtherDad hand-grazed Dibbs and Dad sorted out the stables . He let me put my head over Dibby's stable door when I came in for twenty minutes mutual grooming which was relaxing. We then had our tea and were left for the night. It will be nice when Dibby can come out in the field again; we miss him. Cobs have great capacity for fondness.


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