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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Box-rest day two

A cooler start to Sunday. Other Dad visited early to check Dibby and top up our haylage. Dad came at 11.00 and schooled me in my snaffle for 40 minutes. It was much fresher than yesterday without so many horse flies, so it was more comfortable. We worked mainly in walk practising roundness with some lateral work, trot and canter. We ran through Prelim 1 quite well - in that I hit the correct canter leads. By the end of the session I was consistently round in walk - at least on my left rein - so that's a start.

When we were schooling we could see Other Dad hand grazing Dibby in our field. He then came and watched the end of our session.

I was put out to graze whilst Dad prepared both stables and then went home. He returned at 4.15. Other Dad brought Dibby out to the field again and we mutual groomed and grazed whilst my bed was put down and Dibby's was freshened up. We then came in to be groomed and put in our stables for tea. Hopefully, Dibby's box rest will end tomorrow and he can go for a hack and come in the field. I have missed him; call me a sentimental cob, but there you go.


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