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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Horse flies - and not in good way

Saturday began with some showers before nine. Other Dad topped up our haylage and Dad came to ride at 11.00. We went in the school in my double bridle as Teacher Steve had instructed. Neither Dad nor I were really in the mood for this, but schooled systematically starting in walk with some lateral work and moving up into trot and then some canter. Dad found me a little unbalanced today - not as soft as usual and uncomfortable in some of the faster work. I was continuously bothered by nasty horse flies, which perhaps explained it.

By the time we went in, Other Dad had brought Dibby back from his hack and we were hosed down and dried off and given apples. We were put outside with me in my fly sheet and fringe, which soon became a little dishevelled. Dibby wore his fly fringe and muzzle.

Dad spent most of the afternoon dealing with our stables and brought us in at 4.30 or so to be groomed and given tea. We had eucalyptus oil put on our hooves. Dad has been rather down since the dressage at SRC and yeaterday and is wondering quite what to do for the best. I nuzzled his head when he sat down next to me for a few minutes. Cobs can sense when all is not well.


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