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Thursday, June 22, 2006

More schooling

Having been delayed by the decorators at home, Dad didn't arrive until 11.00. He took me in the school in my snaffle, whilst Other Dad took Dibby down the road. Again, we worked mainly in walk trying to improve roundness with lots of lateral work and halt transitions. When I had gone on the bit on both reins we worked on some upwards transition and trot and canter going large. Yet another lesson was going on in the marked area so we didn't run through a test. To be honest this made a nice change.

We were put out to graze in fly masks whilst Dad attended to the stables and came in to be groomed and fed at 4.15 or so. Dad was quite preoccupied with various things and was pleased to go very calmly in our schooling session. He is relieved that we are not competing tomorrow evening and can consult Teacher Steve about the way forward in competition.Should it be this difficult to step on even the very lowest rung of the ladder? Should cobs ask questions like that? It's all very difficult, even for an inquisitive cob.


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