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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Practice on Tuesday

The software or whatever is playing up again - today is Tuesday 20th June 2006! An earlier start than usual. Dad took me into the school at 9.30 or so. I wore my snaffle and again we worked mainly in walk with many halt trnsitions and lots of leg yield and shoulder-in. Dad was quite pleased with the session and included a little trot trying to keep some roundness.

By the time we went in, Other Dad was about to take Dibby on a short hack down the road. He joined me in the field on his return whilst Dad dealt with our stables and put down the beds.

He returned at 4.30. I know because I was waiting by the gate. We were groomed and given treats and then our teas. A nice routine day with no extremes of weather; cobs can cope with bland sometimes.


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