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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Routine Sunday

After a disrupted Saturday, it was back to normal today. Other Dad topped up our haylage early and Dad came down to ride at 10.45. We went in the school whilst Dibbs went for a hack. I was in my snaffle and we did a lot of work in walk getting round with leg yield and shoulder in and halt transitions. Dad was trying to get me to volunteer to soften and take the rein down and work longer and lower. He concentrated on lots of inside leg and outside rein and tried not to have too strong a contact It worked some of the time. Towards the end of the session we trotted and went through the Solihull Walk and Trot test we are due to do on Thursday.

Dad was quite pleased with the session and took me in and sponged me down before putting me out to graze. Dibby joined me when he returned from the hack.

We stayed out until 5.00 and were groomed and put in our stable with our tea. They put another thoroughbred mare in the empty stable opposite me without telling Dad and ignoring his views, so he is worried about our welfare. Cobs aren't highly strung or neurotic like some mares. It's strange that it seems to secure such good treatment; perhaps we should try it sometime.


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