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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Starting all over again

Today was my second day off after the treatment on Sunday. Dibbs and I were put out before 9.00 and had a pleasant day grazing in the sunshine.

Dad had entered me in the Walk and Trot Championship at Solihull on Thursday on the basis that it would be held indoors. On ringing for our times this morning we were told it had been transferred outside onto the rubber surface next to the wood. I like the bouncy surface and don't object to the wood but am very scared of the fencing they have erected on one corner of the arena and tend to panic and break into canter wherever I get near it, so Dad had to withdraw us. Dibbs will still compete in the Prelim 16 Championship indoors, but it's yet another disappointment we have come to expect there.

Anyway, we came in at 4.30 for grooming and a little massage followed by tea. Dad says if it's fine we will do some straight work in the school tomorrow. Like they say in the song, cobs know how to dust themselves off and start all over again.


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