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Friday, April 21, 2006

Schoolin' in the rain

As usual onFridays, Other Dad came and put us out to graze early. Dad mucked out the stables and watched Alex take Boo off in the trailer. Boo was excited because they were going off to play battles - she will be a Cavalier cavalry officer, which sounded fun. Being a cob, I suspect I would end up being a roundhead, but it would be exciting to join in - like when I used to go hunting.

We came in about 1.15 and Dad got me ready for the lesson. He put on my black, fleecy exercise bandages, dressage saddle and pelham.

The school had been levelled today and we were first to use it.

The rain had eased off when we started, but it soon began again. We did some walk, but as the weather grew worse we went up into working trot. Dad had shown Teacher Steve the walk and trot test we are due to do at Solihull on Sunday week and he broke out most of the movements for us to practice with lots of work down the long sides, huge diagonals, turning down the centre line and ten metre half circles through X. We did ten metre loops back to the track like in Prelim 10. We also practised walk on a long rein and lots of upwards and downwards transitions.

By the time the first half hour was completed we had had a thorough workout and Dad was soaked through from the rain. He asked if we could also practice some canter and that went well on both reins. Teacher Steve was pleased and said it was the best canter we had ever done. We then cooled off with a walk around the school on a long rein before going in.

Once inside, I had some mints and an apple and, once my rug was on, went in the stable for a rest and my tea. Teacher Steve said I was different from when we first started. Then I was overweight and my eyes "would glaze over" when we struggled with some difficult movements, wheras now I am fitter and find I can do most things and am more interested in what we do. Obviously I do prefer eating apples or playing with the Shetlands over the fence to schooling, but I do try to be professional: it's a cob thing.


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