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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Schooling in my double bridle

Since it was another fine Spring morning, Other Dad put Dibbs and I out to graze - once he had trotted Dibbs up again in front of Becky. Di was off this morning and they forgeot to give us our haynets with breakfast, but it didn't really matter since we went out and started grazing quite early anyway. We had a pleasant day with Cricket and Leo.

Dad brought us in at about 4.00 in the afternoon. Once I was tied up outside my stable, Dibbs was trotted up again. Although Kate saw Dibbs was lame in the field, he didn't look too bad in hand. Both Dibbs and I were tacked up and taken into the manege for a quiet school.

Dad put me in my double bridle -which seemed a little tighter than the pelham. We worked in walk and trot on both reins and then ran through both walk and trot tests and Prelim 1 with some canter. I occasionally lifted my head to the left and complained but did some good work eventually. I know it left Dad wondering whether to have go at the test on Sunday in my snaffle even though I probably wouldn't be round or even to put two reins on the pelham. We might ask if this might be allowed, when we ring for our times this evening.

Dad watched Other Dad ride Dibbs and felt he was even. He then rode Dibbs in walk and trot as Other Dad watched. Again Dibbs seemed level. Kate still felt he wasn't right and so they will check him out again tomorrow morning. They will also consult teacher Steve and try to call the vet out if necessary and if he will come this time.

It was quite a warm afternoon and both out rugs were left off in the stable, so that Other Dad could come down and put them on at about 7.30 or so. I know Dad is wondering whether Dibbs will be fit enough to compete on Sunday and, if not, how I might behave there on my own. I have been to Solihull alone a few times and didn't misbehave, but that was some time ago and inside; we cobs aren't machines, you know.


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