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Friday, April 28, 2006

Another lesson

Another morning out in the field before coming in early to be groomed and tacked up.

Becky had a lesson first on Patch, so we started later than usual. Dad put me in my double bridle and we warmed up gently before the lesson in the Spring sunshine.

We started with walk on both reins and progressed to trot. We then started to run through elements on the CRC Beginners Test 1a. We concentrated on maintaining roundness especially when turning down the centre line and on the corners of the school. Steve said our accuracy was good but that we needed to concentrate on maintaining roundness. He said we would be working on this in the coming months. In particular Dad needed to ensure he kept a firm hold on the outside rein and didn't give the contact away when I softened. One of the best tools in doing this was to touch the corner strap of the numnah with his little finger - to ensure that hand was in the right position and not too far forward.

Teacher Steve broke off from the lesson at one point to check Dibbs over . After quite a thorough but gentle warm up in walk and trot he confirmed he thought Dibby was sound and that Other Dad could take him to Solihull for the dressage on Sunday.

We both went in to be groomed, put in our rugs and given our teas. Dad and Other Dad agreed we were putting on a little to much weight with the Spring grass, so it looks as though our hard food will be reduced. The trouble is we cobs are what we eat.


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