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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

First rugless day of Spring

A pleasant dry morning. Other Dad checked Dibbs out again first thing and found he was still a little unlevel. Then, since it was dry and mild, he put us both out without rugs. Dibbs and I tried to groom each other, but it was tricky with Dibbs in his muzzle. Later, I groomed with Leo, who like me hasn't got a muzzle yet.

We were brought in about 3.00 in the afternoon. Dad groomed and tacked me up and took me into the school. We warmed up in walk and trot on both reins and practiced turning on the forehand.

We then ran through the Solihull and CRC Walk and Trot tests and finished with the new Prelim 1. I did the canter transitions in the Prelim test correctly and so Dad was pleased. We came in and Dad sponged me off and put me in my red string cooler rug to cool down before tea.

Other Dad had hoped to get Rob, the vet to look at Dibbs when he visited Paddy and Leo this afternoon, but he hadn't time today. Other Dad will check Dibbs again tomorrow morning and call the vet if he isn't better. Cobs are a worry sometimes.


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