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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Drawing the line

A grey and overcast start to the day as Other Dad came to put us out to graze at 8.15. When Dad arrived, he found me exploring the tastier grass on the far side of the tape that's supposed to keep Edward in the next paddock from removing Cricket's muzzle.

By then Cricket had already dispensed with his muzzle, probably after a tug from Edward, so I'm not sure what the tape is supposed to achieve. Anyway, Dad untangled me from the tape and then had to do the same with Leo, who not being a cob and being only four, isn't that bright and worldly and just copied me. Then Dad brought out Di and they took down the tape around the gate but put back up and electrified the remaining tape next to Edward's paddock. Such fun....

After all the musical fences, since the Dads were going out to lunch, they attended to our stables quickly and were off by about 12.00. We were able to get out heads down and chill, which was pleasant.

Both Dads came back at 4.00 and brought us in. Dad took me in the school in my double bridle for half an hour and we did more work in walk and trot with a little canter. The pony Meg was a little naughty just before we started and her rider fell off. I guess she wanted her tea and wasn't in a good mood. Dad was satisfied with our schooling and we went in. I was hosed down and put in my cooler rug and, after a while, given tea. A funny mixed blustery day with being naughty in the morning and schooling well in the afternoon; we cobs know where to draw the line.


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