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Friday, June 02, 2006

Working trot and working knowledge

A brighter Friday at last! Other Dad topped up our haylage early and Dad came down at 10.30. He rode me in the school in my double bridle whilst Dibbs went for a hack. We practiced in walk with flexions, trot and canter and did some lateral work too. Dad found me excellent for most of the time with patches of resistance. He thought we could do with a break from schooling, but unfortunately I find hacking friom the yard stressful, so perhaps we could go out in the lorry to the members field at Solihull for a change of scene.

Unfortunately, the dressage at Pinley is cancelled for Sunday on account of a waterlogged field, so we will need to arrange an alternative outing before the dressage at Solihull on 11th. June - where I am now due to give the world my Prelim 1.

Dad attended to the stables and went home - to watch the deeply intellectual Coach Party.... he says all the mucking out is damaging his brain and may have a point. He came back and put our beds down at 4.30 or so - leaving Other Dad to enjoy the even more challenging Deal or no Deal -with Sir Noel.

They brought us in at 5.00 after a lovely sunny afternoon out in the field and, after grooming, gave us tea. You may be surpised that a cob has such detailed knowledge of daytime television scheduling, but just because you are a cob, it doesn't mean you can't have a working understanding of the media. Brighter cobs do, however, draw the line at Celebrity X Factor.


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