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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Farrier's visit

We stayed in with our haynets this morning since Richard, the farrier was due at 10.00. Dad came for then and dealt with the stables whilst Richard worked. He saw Paddy first and then Dibbs.

Rob the vet had requested that Dibby be fitted with egg bars on the front with a plastic filler. Richard dealt with the right near, but found he had used up all his plastic and so will come back on Thursday to do the other one. The rest of Dibb's shoes were finished and he then did mine. Rob the vet called to see Richard with Cricket but also took the opportunity to look at Dibb's new shoe. We were put out in the field at 2.00 for the rest of the afternoon.

Since we had a disrupted morning, Dad decided to leave us out a little longer than usual and not to ride. We came in at 5.00, were groomed and given tea. Another disjointed day, but a cob takes such things in his stride.


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