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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fly-blown Sunday

A hot and humid Sunday morning. Other Dad came before 8.30 and put us out to graze. I was in my fly rug and fringe. Notwithstanding my anti-fly measures, I was very hot and bothered by the time Dad arrived at 11.30 standing by the gate and saying "Bring me in now, please". Fortunately, Dad took the not very subtle hint and brought me in, so I could stand in the cool by my stable whilst Dad mucked out. After another twenty minutes he also took pity on Dibby, who was also uncomfortable and we both enjoyed our haylage.

Dad had wanted to school me but the horse flies were ridulous which blew it, so he gave up. Some others on the yard aborted hacks out because the flies were too much. Like a sci-fi film..When the flies ruled the Earth..well, Chadwick End anyway.

Once the stables were ready Dibby and I were hosed down to cool off, dried and put in our stables with some haylage. Since I was a bit tense about my tea, Dad also gave Dibby and I a false one with hi-fi and carrots to stop me standing mithering by my door until tea time. Dad then went home to watch England -v- Ecuador. We had our tea at the usual time - so that was 1 and1/2 teas today.

Both Dads came back after full time and skipped out and topped up our water and haylage. They also tidied up the yard which was a mess; such selfless chaps. So today was derailed completely by those pesky horse flies. On the upside we had a day off and one and a half teas. Cobs do like to accentuate the positive where possible.


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