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Monday, June 26, 2006

Rain and a lesson

The week began with an overcast grey sky and some drizzle. Still, there seemed to be marginally less horse flies about when Other Dad put us out at 8.00 - which was an improvement on yesterday.

Dad brought us in at about 4.15. Other Dad took Dibby for a short hack down the lane, whilst Dad prepared me for a group lesson with Liz from Moreton Morrell. I wore my pelham and black exercise bandages. There were five others in the group - Tom, Patch, Izzy , Jack and Kamara. We worked on roundness in walk and practiced leg yield in walk and trot on both reins. We then changed the rein and leg yielded across the diagonal and worked on serpentine in walk and then in trot, leg yielding for a few paces on each side of the central loop. We also cantered as a group on both reins around the arena and walked on a long rein. By the time we were finishing it had started to rain gently again.

At one time Dad wondered if I had tweaked something but decided I was struggling with the deep sand at one end of he arena. We improved by going on the inside track and avoiding this. Those watching confirmed I looked sound.

Dad was very pleased with the lesson and Liz said I was improving, paticularly my canter. We went in and untacked and Dad hosed me down and put on my sweat rug. Afer a sensible interval we were given tea and Dad went home by about 8.00. We both enjoy the group lessons. Cobs do enjoy combining learning with some company.


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