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Friday, June 30, 2006

Lunge lesson

Other Dad put Dibby and me out to graze before 9.00. Dibby was put in my fly rug today. I gather there is another on order for me which, hopefully, will fit better. Dad came at 11.00 and, since I wasn't at the gate, didn't bring me in. I was happy to stand in pole position in the corner of the field, talking to Jack and taking everything in.

Dad got on with the stables and I came in at 1.30 to cool off and be tacked up for a lesson at 2.30. Teacher Steve was on time and we had the whole school to ourselves.

I wore my black exercise bandages, dressage saddle and snaffle. He started by lungeing me in walk on both reins with lunge line in one hand and a lungeing whip in the other. I kept going up into trot but he made me come back to walk until he was ready. We then practised in trot both ways and stopped to put on the side reins. Here I walked quite well on both reins and started to trot. Then I kicked up into canter but Teacher Steve didn't panic and just got me back to trot and continued. We must have practised lungeing all over the school for forty munutes or so. By this stage I was much softer and rounder and quite hot. There were some horse flies.

They then undid the side reins and detached the lunge line and Dad rode me for fifteen minutes or so, looking for softness and stretching down. They were both pleased with the lesson and I was taken in to be hosed down, dried and put in my blue sweat rug. I had an apple and minties -as did Dibby.

I was allowed to eat my haylage as Dad sorted out my exercise bandages and put the tack away. After good interval we were given tea and settled down for the night. The lesson was instructive for Dad and me. Teacher Steve said I was cheeky and spirited; he was pleased to see I felt well. He was right, cobs can be cheeky and spirited.


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