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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mid-week school

Today began with some schooling in my snaffle. We warmed up in walk, trot and canter to loosen up and then went back to walk for flexions, softening and some lateral work. Yet another lesson was taking place in the marked off area and so we worked in the rest of the school .

Other Dad soon joined us on Dibbs and we walked around with him. We then practised trotting and cantering off to join him again after a circuit of the arena. It was quite warm and the horse flies were numerous and we were glad to come in after 50 minutes or so.

I was hosed down and dried and put out to graze with Dibbs. Both Dads attended to the stable and went home for an hour or so.

We came in at 4.45 to be groomed and given tea. Dad is really tired from the unrelenting DIY and difficulties of competing. Cobs are quite bright, but even Dibbs and I can't work out an answer to that one


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