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Thursday, June 29, 2006

A shoe for Dibbs and schooling for me

The weather has been getting hotter as the week progresses. Richard, the farrier came early to attend to Dibby's outstanding shoe. There were already two other farriers on site and so Richard saw to Dibby outside his stable. He shod him and inserted the plastic material and covered it following which it needed two hours to go off. So Richard went to see other clients whilst Dibbs stayed in his stable with a haynet and Dad took me in the school.

I wore my snaffle and we worked mainly in walk again with some trot and canter - partly to ward off the horse flies, which were bad again. Other Dad watched some of the schooling and took some photographs (see above, and the next few days). Dad was reasonably pleased with my roundness, but found I fell in too much in trot and so we will have to work on this in my snaffle.

We came in and Dad hosed me down and put me out in my fly sheetand fringe. I was in the field with Leo. Cricket is on box rest since he seems to have pulled a suspensory ligament - probably when charging around with Leo on the very hard ground.

Richard came back after a couple of hours and finished off Dibbs, accepted a cheque (overĀ£180!) and booked us up for six weeks hence. Dad then put Dibbs out and got on with the stables before going home for a few hours.

Dad came back at 4.30 to put down Dibby's bed and bring us in. Other Dad came and we were groomed and given our tea. Both Dads and Debbie talked about the difference in the way Dibby and I deal with our tea. Dibby eats his immediately in case it might be taken away, whilst I like to leave some for later. Once supper is served, I prefer to deal with it with style and relaxation. Cob is a broad church with room for a wide range of approaches to the evening meal.


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